Zet-maket - studio specializing in production of architectural scale models, design projects and architectural concepts.

When making the scale model we use modern technology: 3d prototyping, laser cutting and engraving, milling, molding plastics.

We use materials that are most suitable for the tasks set by the customer: various plastics, PVC, Plexiglas, pentaprint, adhesive film, design board and many others.

Some of the buildings, models of which are shown in the gallery, designed by us, which made it possible to remove a number of questions occurring during interaction of designer-model maker.

Implementation of architectural concept and scale model at the same time saves design time and minimize the production time of the model.

Working on the project concept, we already have an idea of how it will look like in the scale model.

Our models are presented to various architectural
 exhibitions ,both national and international level.

We prefer not to talk about work,but... work!Let the photos of our models3D visualizations  and  Interior Design speak for us.Contact us and we will answer all your questions.



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